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15 мес. назад

Guess the 15 songs from The Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Comment your score below!

Guess The ESC Winning Song

25 мес. назад

Can you get all 10 right?

Eurovision Song Contest Winners 2000-2016

29 мес. назад

The winners from 2000-2016.


14 мес. назад

The 50 best songs from the eurovision song contest 2015-2017. It was difficult to pick only 50, and there are a lot of great songs, that sadly didn't make the list.


11 мес. назад

This is a video with the official top 5's by year 2010-2017 with the official points. Furthermore it includes the theme songs from the certain year. Hope you like the ...

GUESS THE EUROVISION 2018 SONG - in 3 seconds! (medium difficulty)

6 мес. назад

Can you guess the 10 songs from ESC 2018 in this small quiz? (Medium difficulty). Comment how many you got right below!

Eurovision 2017 - my top 42 (WITH COMMENTS)

18 мес. назад

My top 42 before the show of ESC 2017 (this is made 3 weeks before the show). This is the first time I've made a commented video, so please be nice. None of ...

EUROVISION 2018 - my top 43 before the show (with comments)

6 мес. назад

My personal top 43 of this year's songs before the show. With honest comments.

Eurovision Song Contest - my top 10 of the 10 recent winners (2007-2016)

20 мес. назад

This is my top 10 of the 10 recent winners (2007-2016). Even though a song is placed as one of the lasts, it does not mean that I don't like the song, it just means ...

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - MY TOP 42 (before the show)

19 мес. назад

This is my top 42 (so far) of the songs from ESC 2017 - before the show. It was difficult to make, because there are so many great songs this year. I hope you like ...

EurovisionGirl - Channel Trailer 2

20 мес. назад

Trailer updated in 2017.

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - My Top 39

28 мес. назад

My top 39 from the year of 2013.

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - my top 10 (so far)

20 мес. назад

This is my top of the 10 songs that have been released. Made: february 12th 2017 The perfomances in the intro are randomly selected.

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - My Top 43 (before the show)

31 мес. назад

This is my top 43 of all the songs from ESC 2016. The video is made 2 months before the actual show, so my opinion might change after their live perfomances.

Eurovision 2015 My top 40 after the show

39 мес. назад

This is my top 40, 2 months after the show. I didn't make this because of hate or anything, it's just my music taste. I hope you enjoy! :)